The town of Woodbury, located in Litchfield County, is a typical New England town complete with small town greens, white churches, historical residences, antique shops, and old new England charm. Settled in May 1673, Woodbury has an estimated population of 9,466 and covers a total area of 36.7 square miles.


Incorporated in 1659 with a land deed between the settlers and Paugusett tribe, Woodbury was first inhabited by people from Stratford, CT seeking to begin their own church and purchase land for the sons of Stratford who had limited land to expand.
Although the area was first known as Pomperaug Plantation, so named for one of the sachems of the Pootatuck, it later became Woodbury, "dwelling place in the woods." The land was highly desirable to the settlers because part of it had already been cleared by the Pootatucks for farming, while the wooded area provided an ample supply of materials for settlement building.
Early industry in the area was mainly agriculture, although there were several craftsmen. One of the most important jobs to have in the settlement was that of a miller. The first grist mill was built along the banks of the Pomperaug River, which harnessed water power to operate the mill, in the center of the village by John Hurd, who had his home lot nearby. When the First Ecclesiastical Society of the Congregational Church was formed to encompass the settlement of Woodbury, it also included several surrounding towns. As the population grew, these areas began to ask for the right to start their own parishes and be incorporated as separate towns.
Woodbury remained primarily agricultural. This continued for some time until the lack of a direct railroad connection left Woodbury behind places such as Waterbury, which had railroad stations connecting them more easily to other cities and towns. Woodbury today, although still home to some agriculture and industry, is economically comprised of small businesses.


Woodbury has a Board of Selectmen and a town-meeting form of government. A three member Board of Selectmen is elected every two years, one full-time First Selectman and two part-time Selectmen. The Town Meeting is the legislative body of the town with certain exceptions as provided by the Woodbury Charter, which was first adopted in 1975. Two regular Town Meetings are held each year, on the third Monday in May, and the third Monday in November. Special town meetings may be held as needed when called by the Board of Selectmen or petitioned by residents. "The annual budget, as prepared by the Board of Finance, is approved at the May Town Meeting. Other actions needing Town Meeting approval include acceptance of streets as public roads or their discontinuance, the sale or purchase of certain property, and financial matters beyond the Board of Finance's power.


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